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For heat pump repairs and replacement, call the heat pump services team in PA!

For over 50 years, EFE Home Services has been serving the PA community with top-notch plumbing services. We offer residents comprehensive plumbing solutions, including tankless water heater installation and repair. These types of water heaters have become very popular in recent years, due to their energy-efficiency characteristics. Homeowners also appreciate their space-saving features and, because there is no hot water storage tank involved, they also eliminate the possibility of leaks and flooding.

If you’ve been thinking about going tankless but weren’t sure where to start, EFE Home Services is here to explain it all to you.

EFE Home Services is your heat pump service company in Allentown, PA. We have been serving the community with high-quality heat pump installations and repairs for decades. We have partnered with leading heat pump distributors to bring you the latest in heat pump technology.


Our heat pumps are repaired and replaced by licensed experts with thorough training in all aspects of heating systems. Call EFE Home Services if you believe you may need heat pump services.

How Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps versatile machines that offer heating, cooling, and humidity control for your indoor environment. They work by transferring heat from one area to another. Heat pumps absorb heat from outdoors and send it indoors.

Heat pumps are an excellent alternative to air conditioners. They are affordable, at just a fraction of the price of conventional heating or cooling systems. Heat pumps work with electricity to carry heat from the outside to the inside of your home.

These are the three more common heat pumps available for residential use:

  • ABSORPTION HEAT PUMPS – These heat pumps are powered by air and operate on electricity, natural gas, or geothermal-heated water.
  • DUCTLESS MINI-SPLIT HEAT PUMPS – These are ideal for retrofit add-ons and room additions because they are small and can be used for both heating and cooling single rooms.
  • GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMPS – These devices use the earth as the heat source. It is very environmentally sound.

Heat pumps are suitable for milder climates, and when used with an oil or gas furnace, they are able to improve energy efficiency and provide tremendous cost savings.

When to Choose a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are ideal for use in milder climates. They are very energy efficient and use electricity to heat. Heat pumps are environmentally friendly because they do not burn fuels.

Today’s modern heat pumps can reduce your electricity use for heating by half when compared to other heating systems. Quality heat pumps may also dehumidify your environment better than other heating systems.

Call EFE Home Services for certified heat pump repairs, installations, and replacement by trained heat pump professionals.

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