Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Trusted Water Heater Services in PA

Let us bring you the quality water heater services trusted by PA residents! For more than five decades, EFE Home Services in PA has provided residents with trusted water heater repairs, replacement, and maintenance. We offer top-of-the-line water heaters that are always code-compliant. Our technicians are licensed and insured and receive advanced training in all types of water heaters, including tankless. We carry water heaters from trusted providers that are the most current on the market. Call EFE Home Services today to schedule a free consultation with a water heater expert.

Water Heater Repairs by Trusted Experts

Waking up in the morning to a broken water heater is not what you had planned. When this happens, you want to call a reputable plumbing contractor who will respond to your call quickly and restore your water heater back to normal. We’ll send a licensed technician to your home to evaluate the unit and determine the source of the problem. We can repair or replace your water heater quickly, often on the same day. A water heater that is routinely maintained will typically last up to twelve years. If your current unit is older than that, and if it requires frequent repairs, it is probably time for a replacement. At EFE Home Services, we carry top-level water heaters and hot water tanks from trusted distributors that are guaranteed to provide homeowners with an uninterrupted supply of hot water for many years to come.

Annual Water Heater Maintenance

No matter if you have an electric, gas or tankless water heater, routine maintenance is the only way to guarantee efficiency and performance. If you already have a maintenance plan with us for your HVAC system, we can add your water heater to the list of inspections. Our plumbing experts will check your system with a fine tooth comb to ensure optimal operation.

Take care of your water heater, and it will take care of you. Call EFE Home Services to schedule a water heater inspection. We are always happy to discuss your water heater needs.

Water Heater Features to Consider

There are many types of water heaters available today. Whether you are interested in a conventional system or a tankless version, it’s important to weigh all the factors each has to offer. For instance, tankless systems provide low energy costs and an instant supply of hot water, but they are not suitable for every home. EFE Home Services can offer options to help you determine which water heater best serves your needs.

Your water heater is an important appliance. Consider carefully the features that are available for every type of system:

  • SIZE: Your new water heater should be the right size for your home and family, so it can provide sufficient water for household use.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: It is important to know the energy efficiency of your new water heater so you can calculate its operating costs throughout the year.
  • CONVENTIONAL WATER HEATERS: We carry quality water heaters with the conventional water storage tanks from leading manufacturers to ensure quality and reliability.
  • TANKLESS WATER HEATERS: These systems produce a high flow rate of hot water, and energy savings up to 50% of conventional systems.

We can make the process of choosing your new water heater easy. Just give us a call, and we’ll be glad to help.

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