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For tough drain and sewer line blockages, hydrojetting is the way to go!
EFE Home Services in Allentown, PA has been providing hydrojetting services for over 50 years. Our team of licensed plumbers has the experience and skill set to clear out the most stubborn drain blockages. We have received certified training in power jetting to bring you safe and effective hydrojetting service. Hydrojetting is a type of high-pressure drain cleaning that is extremely powerful and useful to clear out drain pipes. It is literally a high-pressure water blast that can clear out indoor and outdoor pipes. It can also be used to clear main drain lines, septic field lines, sewer clogs, landscaping drains, frozen drains and other blockages. Hydrojetting is used by plumbers when conventional drain cleaning methods such as plungers and snakes are not effective.

Is Hydrojetting Better Than Snaking?

Snaking out a drain pipe is still a very effective way to unclog drains. However, snaking does not remove stuck-on grease that builds up along the interior walls of drain pipes. Hydrojetting does. It will clear out hard grease, and other residual buildup stuck inside the pipes.

Owners of coffee shops, restaurants, and diners are all too familiar with hydrojetting. They know the value of routinely hydrojetting their drains to prevent blockages from happening in the first place. If you like to cook with heavy grease, your drains may have built-up grease inside. Snaking will do little to remove stuck-on grease, but hydrojetting will completely clean out the pipes, and leave them free of any build up. An added benefit of hydrojetting is that it is environmentally sound, as it contains no toxic chemicals whatsoever.

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